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Bijuu siluman
The Bijuu are the demons that the Akatsuki are after, and they are sealed into their Jinchuuriki. (That's another name for a person who has a tailed demon sealed inside of them)

BIJUU - JINCHUURIKI - Status - Rank of Jinchuuriki - Hidden Village

One-Tailed Tanuki Shukaku the Ichibi - Gaara - Captured - Kazekage - Hidden Sand Village

Two-Tailed Cat Demon Nibi - Yugito Nii - Captured - Jounin - Hidden Cloud Village

Three-Tailed Turtle Demon Sanbi - Yagura - Captured - Mizukage - Hidden Mist Village

Four-Tailed Demon Ape - Roushi - Captured - Unknown - Hidden Rock Village

Five - Tailed Demon Whale-Horse Gobi - Han - Captured - Unknown - Hidden Rock Village

Six - Tailed Demon Gastropod Rokubi - Utakata - Captured - Unknown - Hidden Mist Village

Seven - Tailed Demon Rhino Beetle Shichibi - Fuu - Captured - Unknown - Hidden Waterfall Village

Eight - Tailed Demon Ox-Cephalopod Hachibi - Killer Bee - Active - Unknown (Probably Jounin) - Hidden Cloud Village

Nine - Tailed Demon Fox Kyuubi - Naruto Uzumaki - Active - Genin - Hidden Leaf Village

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