In Naruto, ninja have the ability to summon animals, humans, objects, puppets and spirits to help them fight. They have to make a blood contract to summon animals.

These are the lists of ANIMAL summonings.

Anko Mitarashi - Anko's Giant Snake (Hidden Leaf Village) Jirayia - Demolisher Toad, Elder Sage Toad, Gamabunta, Gamaken, Gamakichi, Key Toad, Toad (Unnamed), Giant Toad (Unnamed), Toads Sennin (Hidden Leaf Village) Naruto Uzumaki - Gamabunta, Gamakichi, Gamatatsu - (Hidden Leaf Village) The Fourth Hokage (Minato Namikaze) - Gamabunta - (Hidden Leaf Village) Gennou - Gennou's Giant Bird - (Hidden Heat Haze Village) Hanzou - Hanzou's Salamander- (Hidden Rain Village) Temari - Kamatari - (Hidden Sand Village) The Fifth Hokage (Tsunade) -Katsuyu - (Hidden Leaf Village) Kidoumaru - Kidoumaru's Giant Spider - (Hidden Sound Village) Orochimaru - Manda, Orochimaru's Snake, Three Headed Snake - (Hidden Sound Village) Sasuke Uchiha - Manda - (Hidden Sound Village) The Third Hokage - Monkey King Enma - (Hidden Leaf Village) Kakashi Hatake - Ninja Dog Hounds, Pakkun - (Hidden Leaf Village) Maito Gai - Nin-Kame - (Hidden Leaf Village) Pain (Leader of Akatsuki) -Giant Crustacean, Giant Chameleon, Giant Dog, Giant Bird, Giant Ram, Giant Panda, Giant Centipede, Giant Rhino - (Hidden Rain Village) Ruiga - Ruiga's Piranahas, Ruiga's Shark - (Wandering Ninja) Suzumebachi Kamizuru - Suzumebachi's Giant Hornet - (Hidden Rock Village)

These are the lists of HUMAN/DEAD summonings:

Team Namikaze - The Fourth Hokage (Minato Namikaze) - (Hidden Leaf Village) Team 7 (Squad 7 - Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke) - Iruka Umino - (Hidden Leaf Village) Team Oboro - Oboro - (Hidden Rain Village) Pain - Rikudou Bodies - (Hidden Rain Village) Orochimaru - The First Hokage, The Second Hokage, (The Fourth Hokage is Unconfirmed) - (Hidden Sound Village) (Dead Summon) Kabuto Yakushi - Experimental Bodies - (Hidden Sound Village)

These are the lists of OBJECT summonings:

Nagato - Gedou Mazou - (Hidden Rain Village) Kotetsu Hagane - Giant Mace - (Hidden Leaf Village) Naruto Uzumaki - Giant Shuriken - (Hidden Leaf Village) Pain - King of Hell Statue - (Roaming) Chiyo - Mechanical Bird - (Hidden Sand Village) Sai - Sai's Secret Orders - (Hidden Leaf Village) Sakon and Ukon - Shikokumujin Canister, Rashoumon- (Hidden Sound Village) Sasuke Uchiha - Shuriken - (Hidden Sound Village) TenTen - TenTen's Tobidougu (Projectile Weapons) - (Hidden Leaf Village) Orochimaru - Rashoumon - (Hidden Sound Village) Jirayia - Iwagama - (Hidden Leaf Village)

These are the lists of PUPPET summonings:

Sasori - Hyakki no Souen, Sandaime Kazekage- (Akatsuki) Chiyo - Jikki Chikamatsu no Shuu, Sasori's Parents - (Hidden Sand Village) Kankurou - Kankurou's Puppets - (Hidden Sand Village)

These are the lists of SPIRIT/DEMON summonings:

Tayuya - Tayuya's Doki (Angry Spirits) - (Hidden Sound Village) Amachi - Umibouzu - (Sea Country)

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